Congratulations! You are now (or are considering becoming) the proud owner of a wonderful Kawasaki motorcycle! We are sure you will have a lot of fun riding on whichever model you choose, whether it’s a Ninja, a Contest or a Vulcan. These motorcycles are highly reputed for their excellence, reliability and performance.

However, to maintain reliability and performance, you have to do your part and ensure that your vehicles are well maintained.

Whether you’re eager to take on a ride on the track, a trail or a long and winding road, a good bike stays good because you take extra good care of it.

So, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

Tire Pressure

Tires have a crucial role to play in keeping you on the road! This is why it is important to ensure that the tire pressure is consistent with what’s suggested in the owner’s manual.

Some people say that lowering the tire pressure “a little bit” can procure better grip whether you are off-road or on the track. However, lowering the pressure too much is not advised, as your tires could lose their shape and overheat, which means less grip… and higher risk of flats and accidents.


It is important to inspect brake pads, rotors and lines, no matter the situation. Also, to preserve the braking system, you must ensure safe, smooth and controlled braking action.

Lights and Gauges

Never hit the road when your brake lights aren’t working. Make sure your instrument panel, gauges, brake lights and indicators are functioning normally before riding your bike.

Chain and Sprockets

Rusty and loose chains could lead to a nasty surprise for any rider. Generally, a motorcycle chain rusts because of a combination of moisture and oxygen that affects the metal of the chain. The result could be chain breakage during a ride – which, needless to say, you want to avoid! So start cleaning and lubricating the chain as often as possible, especially after riding in rough conditions. If the sprockets are missing some teeth or are curled, then you must purchase new ones.


It’s no exaggeration to compare the oil used in your engine to the vital life-blood needed by your heart to make your body work. That is why your motorcycle should have a fresh oil and filter change. This is important for your engine. Oil lubricates the many moving parts of an engine; this helps prevent damage and keep your engine running smoothly.

If you can’t change the engine oil by yourself or if you don’t know how, your Kawasaki dealer is always there to provide you with the service and parts you need. Come visit us at Fisher Powersports, your Kawasaki dealer in Fisher Branch, Manitoba. You’re from another part of Canada and your Kawasaki needs urgent repairs? You’re more than welcome here at Fisher Powersports!

Be safe, take the time to inspect your bike before every ride and always refer to your Fisher Powersports Kawasaki dealer for your service needs.